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- Stylish, delicate and elegant appearance
- Very silent printing thru direct thermal printing method
- The installation dimension: 78mm*53.5mm
- Paper end sensors and self-motion memory printing function
- Support 3.3V low voltage system
- Add coordinate curve printing function
- Serial RS-232C, 485, TTL/ Parallel/ USB interface
- Abundant figure/ curves/ characters print function
- Easier paper loading



Mobile POS, Field sales and service, Transportation, Hospitality, Parking, Utility billing, Safety, Material management.

  • Android
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • WindowsCE
Item Specification
Printing method   Direct thermal line printing
Print out detection   Paper end sensors function
Paper loading way   Easy paper loading
Paper width   57mm
Print width   48mm
Resolution ration   384dots/line
Life of printing head   6,000,000 character lines
Printing speed   30mm/s(when the character ratio is 25%)
Character   6*8dots, 8*16dots, 12*24dots
Chinese character library   GB2312, 16*16dots, 24*24dots
Outline dimension   83mm*58.5mm*47.5mm
Installation dimension   78mm*53.5mm
Paper supplied   Thermal roll paper (57mm, 30mmø)
Interface   Serial RS-232, 485, TTL/ Parallel interface
Input power   DC5V,15W
Operating temperature   5~ 50
Storage temperature   -20~ 60
Operating humidity   10% ~ 80%
Storage humidity   10% ~ 90%